Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Smart Beggar

Salam all
I would like to share with you some thing has happened with us week ago
It was about a man or a smart beggar !
one of Ramadan's nights dad & mom, were outside dad wonted to park the car inside the garage, when a nice Nissan made car stopped infront of our house .
quite big family was in side the car , Lady and four sleepy kids .and the man asked dadi for a minute !It was 1:15AM I will tell you what has happend

Sabha ! Dad shouted , you were in Darna and you headed to Sabha !! and you dont have a money for the fuel and you've kids with you ?It is very risky sir! Dadi backed to the car and wasn't very happy to give him what he wonted ,but mom felt sorry for the kids ...he gaved him some money,quikely left the place .
when I told the story I thought that should happened on the main busystreets not here were very quite neighbourhood We realized that he was a smart beggar.

you can't believe what has happend in the next day at 2PM I went with dad to do some thing in a busy area called Ras 3beeda ( ) I was driving in a double way, when a black fancyNissan car was coming towards me , dad shouted , not a gain ! What I said ?
The same fraudster dadi said, open your window, he is the same man , same sleepy kids , some of them not there ? suddenly the funcy Nissan stopped beside me ,looked to it,collected my thoughts in a second, and he started to tlak to me , It looks like he did not recognise dadi

he said :
they felt confused the women very embarrassed ,didn't look at all ,and turned her face to the other way and the man already prepaired his answer
and he asked again for a money !
he didn't wait ,he escaped , he was afraid I think and His fuel was full !
That man 100% was a beggar and a smart one he can win the kindness of the Libyan people and utilize from Ramadan because people are giving alot in Ramadan
I'm sure that he got more than he deserve and they were part of a gang maybe ?
In this case we can do nothing because we gave him and we wonted that ,he didn't bother us or insistence ...he was asking and we gave but as the matter of fact ,he was lying ,fraudster .
Thats it for now
fe aman Allah


a_akak said...

lol lol lol lol lol lol I have never heared of that but see we libyan are creative thinks, ok not usually put to a good cause but never the less it was creative lol

Fe Aman Allah

Mr: Madi said...

Yes I agree with you, he is smart Beggar thank you for sharing us this funny story Maya.

Maya said...

Ahmad nice to see you again
hahahaha Libyan are creative ! you're Right he created a new think to get what he wont
it was a little thing for us and but for him felt that he discovered a new trick

Mr.Madi yeah he was a smart one and you're welcome

fe aman Allah

piccolina said...

OMG that was crazy but yalla we have lots of dif kinds of beggers here in tripoli !!!

rabbi yehdi


dusk till dawn said...

salam Maya
thats realy scary ,how come peoples can sink that low, using innocent kids as sacape goat,we r kind alot, and easy can be folded,i think as u said its a big gang,using the spirit of ramadan to cheat,u should drove him to sabha ha ha , or tow him cross ,thanx for sharing

Maya said...

yeah pico Rabbi yehdi en sha Allah

DTD I'm not sure about the innocent of the kids they were laughing at the 1st meet they knew every thing and those kind of kids I can't trust them at all
hahahaha Sabha Are you serious ? Noway And If that happened he'll say thanks dear I don't wanna be a beggar anymore thanks very much hahahaha

fe aman Allah

Anglo-Libyan said...

even here in England we get smart beggers and some of them are Arabs.

once a begger asked me for money here and i told him that i didnt have any.
he gave me one pence! :o)

Maya said...

Anglo-Libyan you took that pence ? hehehe Anyway that pence not worth !
fe aman Allah

Afnan Libeeya needing Libya said...

wow is libyan gettin like this already, i mean i thought the old ladies who where morrocans or libyans and actually really rich was an amazing story lol but this wow, but u know wat ur dads ajir 7sil ;) he had the rite niya;) so inshallah nothin is lost but the stupid ppl like that inshallah, but i must say i cnt believe they have the nerve to do that walhee, i really dnt know how they sleep making fools out of themselves

Benghazi Citizen said...

I have to add my voice to a_akak and say:it was quite creative!!!! but i don't think the word Beggar suits the guy,i think he deserve thee title of ( )...Things are getting uglier i think...u know what really get to my nerves?the sight of a woman setting at a mosque gate with an infant in her hands who looks unconsciouss..i believe lot of them(there is exceptions of course)are displaying kids who are not their own..
Benghazi Citizen

Maya said...

Afnan thanks for your comment and saying that about dadi I appreciate that.

Benghazi Citizen I believe some times in those kind of women ..But what it gets to my nerve
you know Dubai street Oh I hate that street which the best in Bengo cause of the beggars !sticking in the window and putting their tongues in it can you beleive that ? once a kid was knocking my window wanna a money my wallet was empty and I had a 25Gareesh !! not a paper so when I gave it to him he said then he said no I don't wanna I told him goodbye so he back knocking my door telling me oki give it to me I cjanged my mind
I laughed alot about this boy .
thanks again Benghazi Citizen

fe aman Allah

Libyano said...

beggars in Libya depend so much on how Libyans are quite taybeen
I remember this little kid in Uni who used to come everyday begging and sometimes he come to me more than three times a day and then at night I find him on simafro ras 7san

wallahi 7ala o khalas

Brave Heart said...

sallam Maya
how is every thing. i dont know how people can do this with their families, it's shame, when beggers ask me money i told them if u have more give me. take care

Maya said...
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Maya said...

Dr.Libyano welcome to my humble blog Glad to see you here.
We have a kids in our Uni too and their mom with them
its miserable
brave I'm fine thanks ,,,,hows the last days going ? asking a money from him hehehe thats really funny did he give you ?
fe aman Allah